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Year 7 Deep Learning Day in Art

On Wednesday, 15th January Year 7 travelled over to The Linnell Building for their Deep Learning Day where they spent the whole day with The Art Department.  The day was based on the artist Claes Oldenburg and the students focused on a Cake Theme.  During the day they went to 3 different Art lessons where they tried out lots of new and exciting materials and techniques such as:

* Ceramics

* Card Sculpture

* Painting

* Collage


The students approached the day with a very positive working attitude.  There was a fantastic range of work produced that the students should be proud of.  There was also lots of teamwork, reflection, independence and definitely creativity happening throughout their different Art lessons.

‘It was great to see how students work developed and progressed as they reflected on their original design ideas.  They were overcoming problems in their small groups when they had to translate their 2D designs into 3D card sculptures.  Some students had to adapt their ideas according to the materials they had available and some were able to elaborate considerably as they became more confident with the materials and techniques.’

Both students and staff enjoyed the day and it was a great opportunity to see Year 7 students in Art.

I think some of the students responses sum up our day:

‘I can now draw and paint with confidence’, ‘I had a brilliant fun day’, ‘Very good, want to do this more often’, ‘Perfect, hope we can do it again’, ‘Had an exciting day’, ‘Getting a taste of something new’.

Mrs C Winfield

Director of Learning – Performance