Year 10

Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications (Equivalent to 1 GCSE)

Students will complete “Unit 1 – Developing Web Products”

Unit 1 gives students the knowledge and skills you need to produce attention grabbing web products using web authoring software, multimedia assets and navigation features. As part of this unit they will learn how to:

  • Identify audience and purpose
  • Understand client briefs and use it to design a professional website
  • Insert and position assets, including text, images, video, sound and animation on web pages
  • Carry out systematic functionality testing of a web product
  • Reflect on the success of a product.

Unit 1 Assessment

A 2.5 exam is taken in May of Year 10. The exam makes up 25% of the final mark.

Students will also begin to complete “Unit 3 – Artwork and Imaging”.

In this unit students learn how to use graphics packages to produce images that communicate effectively onscreen and in print. They will also learn how to combine them with other components to produce graphic products.

Unit 3 Assessment

Deadlines will be set for the completion of each coursework element, which will then be teacher assessed. The coursework makes up 75% of the final mark.