Year 9

Topics Covered

Where does everything come from?

In this topic students will be examining the different beliefs of how the world came about. They will be making comparisons to religious and non-religious beliefs in order to answer the question can religious and science agree on creation?

Who should care for the planet?

In this topic students investigate the religious idea of stewardship and that we are caretakers of earth. We investigate the damage humans are doing to the planet and the animals and ask the question who is responsible for caring and looking after the planet and everything within it?

Is God Just?

In this topic we investigate the question ‘How can a loving God allow evil and suffering?’ We examine the idea of suffering and the causes of suffering to be able to make comparisons to different religious beliefs about why there is suffering in the world, and how people respond to suffering.

Why do we suffer?

This topic builds from the previous topic to ask the question ‘Do we create our own suffering?’ We investigate examples of how people have experienced suffering in their lives and how as a religious person they have responded to the suffering.

Crime and Punishment.

An introduction to GCSE RE.  Students investigate the morality behind different crimes and forms of punishment. Students will also consider the Christian and Muslim responses to crime and punishment.


Assessment information

The students will be assessed on their RE skills learning about a religion and learning from a religion at different points during the year. Each unit has at least one formal assessment as well as on-going assessment within lessons.