Year 9

Topics Covered

Term 1

Why did WWI start?

The long and short term causes of WWI

Did the reality of the First World War match the expectations of the soldiers?

A study of the trench warfare, conscription, conscientious objectors and remembrance.

Term 2

What was life like in Nazi Germany?

The lasting impact of WWI.(Challenges facing Europe). Especially Germany in the inter war years.

An indepth study of the Holocaust.

Term 3

Is anything acceptable to win a war?

A study of the significant events during WWII – Pearl Harbour, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, the dropping of the atomic bomb.

What contribution did the ancient civilisations make to medicine?

Students will study the  follow topics –  Supernatural v natural remedies. The role of government and religion.  With a focus on Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Assessment Information

The students will be assessed on their Historical skills; historical interpretation, using evidence, causation and historical significance at different points during the year. Each unit has at least one formal assessment as well as on-going assessment within lessons