Year 8

Topics Covered

All students in year 8 follow a broad programme of study in PE. Through team and individual games, athletic and gymnastic activities students are taught to develop their physical technique and tactical awareness encouraging them to develop analytical skills to improve their own and others’ performances.

In dance activities, the emphasis is on creativity and performance.  Students are expected to use advanced dance techniques within a range of dance styles to choreograph and perform their routines. Health and fitness are integral aspects of the subject.

By the end of year 8, students are expected to be confident in a wide range of sports, being able to link skills, techniques and ideas and apply these accurately and appropriately. Their performance should show precision, control and fluency and they should understand tactics and composition. They should also be able to compare and comment on skills, techniques and ideas, using their own and others’ work in order to improve their performance. They should be able to conduct themselves in a safe manner, both whilst preparing for and taking part in physical activities and be able to describe what effects exercise has on their bodies.

Assessment Information

All students are continually assessed throughout the 4 week unit blocks and at the end of each unit allowing students to see their progress throughout the year. A large part of the assessment process is for students to evaluate their performance through the unit and analyse the results next to the targets they have set themselves at the start of the unit.

Other Information

To get the most out of your PE lessons you must: Bring your kit to every lesson – even when ill or injured!

General PE Kit Includes:

  • AB Black shorts or Skort (black and red)
  • AB Sports Shirt (black and red)
  • Mutli Sports Top (black and red)
  • Red and Black rugby socks
  • White socks
  • Trainers (and boots, shin pads and gum shield for football, rugby, hockey students)
  • Students can wear black leggings for dance/gym under shorts
  • AB tracksuit bottoms when the weather is cold