Year 10

Topics covered

Students are following the new 1-9 OCR GCSE Music course and cover the following areas of study during Year 10:

Area of Study 1: My Music

Area of Study 2: The Concerto Through Time

Area of Study 3: Rhythms of the World

Area of Study 4: Film Music

Area of Study 5: Conventions of Pop

In each Area of Study, students will explore listening, performing and composing, developing the skills needed for the coursework and examination assessments in Year 11.

Assessment Information

Coursework 60%

One solo performance and one ensemble performance (both recorded in Year 11)

Two compositions, one from a brief written by the student, the second from a choice of briefs sent out by the exam board in the September of Year 11 (both compositions completed in Year 11)

Examination 40%

A listening examination, based on different pieces of music across the Areas of Study, to be taken in the summer of Year 11.