Topics covered

Students follow the Edexcel Level 3 BTEC in Music, with students working towards a variety of different awards and focus areas including Certificate, Subsidiary Diploma and 90-Credit Dipoma with focus areas of Performing, Composing or Music Technology.

Throughout the two years, the following units are offered with students given some choice to shape their qualification:

Unit 7 Composing Music

Unit 8 Music Production Techniques

Unit 11 Music Events Management

Unit 15 Live Music Workshop

Unit 23 Music Performance Techniques

Unit 21 Music in The Community

Unit 24 Music Project

Unit 25 Music Production Techniques

Unit 30 Pop Music in Practice

Unit 33 Solo Music Performance Skills

Unit 39 The Sound and Music Industry

Unit 40 Working and Developing as Musical Ensemble

Assessment Information

Students are assessed throughout the course with assignments, which are graded at either Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Each award can then be given a final grade of either Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction*.