Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding provided by the Department for Education to enhance the education of disadvantaged students. It is allocated to schools to provide additional support to those students who qualify for free school meals; are service children or children who have been looked after continuously for more than 6 months.

To ensure the Pupil Premium funding has the highest impact for our most disadvantaged students we have set the following priorities:

  • We will target support specifically on raising academic attainment for our most disadvantaged students and aim to narrow the achievement gap between FSM and non FSM students.
  • All students will meet their full academic potential supported by committed teachers and support teams, One to One tutors and academic coaches.
  • Barriers to learning will be removed by creating teams of key staff who will provide comprehensive and cohesive support for all aspects of students’ social and emotional welfare.
  • Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle will be encouraged and students will recognise how this can positively affect academic outcomes.
  • Track the progress of Pupil Premium Students in numerous areas including attendance, progress against targets and examinations results and take action to improve this progress.
  • Enrichment activities will also be recorded to ensure the school can capture fully the benefits enjoyed by individual students.

Abbot Beyne School has received £187,200 Pupil Premium funding in the academic year 2013 / 14.

The money has been / will be used to provide additional support to those eligible students including:-

  • One to One teacher support for English and / or Mathematics
  • The provision of specialist learning mentors.
  • Deep Learning Days
  • 3 Day Offsite Team Building Project for Year 7 Students
  • The use of new technology for targeted groups
  • The use of essential equipment (pens, pencils, etc) to enable students to access the curriculum
  • Achievement for All, a framework that aims to improve students’ progress, parental engagement, student attendance and behaviour, peer relationships, participation in extra-curricular activities and access to future opportunities for students.
  • Pastoral Support Programmes – Weekly Morning Mentoring Sessions for students aimed at raising aspirations, setting goals in education and their lives and then offering support in achieving those goals with regular meetings.
  • Saturday Club Classes provided by class teachers and available to Key Stage 4 students who wish to attend. They are focussed on exam preparation and course work catch up at key points in the academic year.
  • Revision programmes and Easter Revision Classes for Key Stage 4 students across a range of subjects.
  • Library Study Time, the school libraries are open before and after school to ensure that students have a quiet place for homework or lesson preparation.
  • Contributions to the costs of other educational and cultural school visits

We are rigorous in monitoring the impact of this money.

The 2013 GCSE results were 50% A*- C including English and Maths.

In 2013 expected levels of progress (3 levels from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4) for FSM students increased by 13% in English to 50% and by 23% in Maths to 44%. Both of these figures are an indication of the positive impact of our Pupil Premium allocation.