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Music for Youth Regional Festival Birmingham, 16th March 2014

Music for Youth is an organisation that runs the largest youth music festival series in Europe, and Abbot Beyne students were lucky enough to be part of it this year.

MFY All Performers MFY Certificates

5 Days of November (Woody Arnold on lead guitar, George Collins on drums, Ben Jordan on bass and George Mills on vocals and guitar) performed second in the session with two of their own pieces, ‘It’s  Not You’ and ‘Everything I Was’.


The Grey Earls (George Collins on drums, Troy Garrick on guitar, Carrie Lee on bass, Dot Martin on vocals and Lucy Matkin on piano) were on fourth in the afternoon and performed ‘No More’, written by Lucy,  ‘House of the Rising Sun’, ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ and ‘Crazy’, creating interesting jazz arrangements of these classic pop songs.

MFY Grey Earls

The groups received excellent feedback from the MFY Mentors, who were University tutors in popular music, both being told they had great potential. Particular mentions were given to George Mills for his stage presence and energy and also to Lucy for her own composition, ‘No More’, which the mentors described as very mature song writing.

Well done to 5 Days of November and The Grey Earls for their hard work and fantastic performances!

Claire Beardsley – Music Teacher