External Exams


You must be on time for your examinations. Seating lists are put on the examination notice boards, opposite L9 and the Pastoral Office, several days ahead of each exam. Check ahead to see which room you are in and your seat number ( this information is also on your timetable). If you go into an exam late the Examination Board may refuse to accept your work. If you are late please report  to Reception at Linnell, who will inform Mrs Eccleshall. Please do not go directly to the examination room. If you know you are going to be late then, if possible, please phone school to let us know. Neither oversleeping nor forgetting is an acceptable reason for being late.

If you are ill please phone school and let us know. We may be able to apply for Special Consideration for you. Please see the relevant handbook on the documents tab for further details of what you need to do.  If you do not turn up for an examination you may be invoiced for the cost of your examination, unless there are extenuating circumstances. You are not able to take an examination on a different day or at a different  time  to that on your timetable under any circumstances.

No mobile phones, iPods, smartwatches etc. are allowed. Calculators should not have any other device incorporated. All such items MUST be handed to the invigilator, before you enter the exam room. If not, you run the risk of being penalised by the Examining Board, even if the device is in your bag and is switched off. In the worst cases students are disqualified from ALL examinations.

Pencil cases must be see-through. Make sure you have all the equipment you need: a black pen, a pencil, ruler, an eraser and Maths instruments for Maths and Science exams, crayons for some D&T exams. You cannot use correcting pens, tape or fluid. If you make a mistake then cross it out with a single line and put the correct answer either at the side or above/below it. You may not use highlighters on your answer papers but they can be used to mark text in the questions. You may only use black ink or biro for writing. Pencil should be used for diagrams.. Metallic pens may not be used. Do not doodle on your exam paper. Examiners can refuse to mark papers with any graffiti whatsoever on them. If the graffiti is offensive then the Examining board may penalise you..

You are allowed to take a bottle of water into an exam. The label must be removed and the bottle should have a pull-up sports type top. No other drinks are allowed. Food is not allowed.

You may use examination paper for rough work only if there is no space in your answer booklet. If you do, then the rough work should be crossed out with a single line and the sheet of paper attached to your answer booklet. You are not allowed to take examination stationery from the examination room.

Once an examination has started you are not allowed to leave the room unaccompanied . It is school policy that you may not leave until the end even if you have finished as this causes disruption to other candidates. Please note: some afternoon examinations may go on after 3.00 pm, especially if we are unable to make a prompt start. All candidates are expected to remain until the end. If you have College examinations please check as soon as you get a timetable that they do not clash with an examination you are taking at school. If you do have a clash, please let Mrs Eccleshall know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.

The School telephone number is: 01283 759007