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Bottled is a book supporting Mental Health in children and young adults

Tom and Joe Brassington both attended at Abbot Beyne and have written and illustrated a book called “Bottled”.

This book aims to help and support conversations with young adults and their families about their feelings, their mental health and the importance of being emotionally honest.  As a community we are all experiencing a very unique and different experience and it is important that we support one another.

You can buy the books online as a pack and use them at home or you can purchase as an ebook and use it online as a reference guide.

As a school we have purchased a pack of 6 hard backed books, 6 ebooks, posters and lesson plans.

At Abbot Beyne we believe it is imperative that our students get the best help that is available to try and support their mental health in any way possible.

Please take the time to watch the video below and you can see a preview of the book, if you would like to support/purchase this book, please visit Unbound Books