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Abbot Beyne – WIN the Civic Society Debate Competition

The Year 12 students worked effectively as a team to prepare their arguments for each debate competition which was organised by the Burton Civic Society.

The team argued persuasively against Robert Sutton who had proposed that ‘The shadow economy is a good thing’ with summariser, Caitlin Neale, winning the best speaker award.  They prepared an evidenced set of arguments that ‘The House of Lords in its present form is an affront to democracy’ against de Ferrers and proposer Michael Curzon won the best speaker award. In both rounds they scored the most points and so met de Ferrers again in the final where they argued against ‘The United Kingdom should leave the European Union’.  Abbot Beyne won the final with Adinah Marks winning the best speaker award.

Abbot Beyne had a strong team of both speakers and researchers who helped to produce well constructed arguments with supporting evidence.
The team also included Abi Upton, Lucy Elson, Joe Heath, Jawad Hussain, Gen Martin, Vicky Dummons, Ryan Harrison & Niamh Whetton.
I would like to thank the Civic Society for giving the students the opportunity to debate such interesting contemporary topics.


both teams the team teams and teacher present the trophy    Winning Debate