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Youth Council

School students have found out who has been elected onto a youth council in Winshill.

Three junior schools in the area took part in the election, along with Abbot Beyne, where there were four nominations in every year group.

The elections began on January 27th and nominations closed on February 12th.  it was then up to the candidates’ classmates to vote for who they thought would best represent them.

Councillor Dennis Fletcher, who was key in implementing the elections, said “The kids were very excited and there was a 99% turnout”.   Being voted onto the council means the successful youngsters will attend meetings once every term, where they will come up with ideas for what they want to see in Winshill.

The students will remain on the council for two years.  The aim is to get them interested in politics, and this is the fourth time that the elections have been held.

Burton Mail March 1st 2014