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Year 12 Intra House Team Building Competition at Rosliston Forestry Centre.

Tuesday 2nd October 2013

To end the Y12 induction programme, over 50 students took part in a team-building day at Rosliston Forestry Centre where staff joined them in completing various outdoor adventure activities, including Laser Combat, Archery, Shelter Building and the Climbing Wall. It was impressive to watch the encouragement given by the students to those (including the staff) who were nervous about scaling the climbing wall and the enthusiasm with which they teamed up to complete the woodland Laser Combat. Not only were we pleased with the sunshine on the day but the students were a credit to the school and gained much from the experience

1st – Orion
2nd – Pyxis
3rd – Columba
4th – Hercules

Year 12 Team Building

“Rosliston was particularly good at bringing out the personality in the quieter people. This meant as a year, we became closer.”
Matthew Russell (Pyxis)

“I really enjoyed my trip to Rosliston as it gave the opportunity to bond with my house team – Orion. In particular, team building allowed us to learn how to work together effectively and to trust our peers. Additionally, the climbing wall gave me the chance to conquer my fear of heights. Although I didn’t manage to reach o the top, I am proud for having ago. I feel Orion worked well together and supported each other in everything we did especially during archery.”
Charlotte Catlin (Orion)