Year 11

Y11 students will have  Mock examinations timetabled to start Monday 25th November in all examination subjects

Year 11 Mock GCSE Examinations

  1. Motivate students to start revision early

Research suggests that 75% of students consider themselves to put off things that they should be doing with 50% doing so regularly and to a level that is considered a problem. If something seems a long way away, the less impact it will have on people’s decisions. By having the mock exams in December it hopefully reminds students that it is not long until the ‘real thing’.

  1. Practising effective revision strategies

Mock exams let students practise revision strategies and discover what works best for them.

  1. Improving knowledge

Testing yourself is an effective way to improve your knowledge and ability to recall information. It has been found that students who did a practice test after a period of revision did better on the final exam than those students who didn’t do the mock exam and had just spent the whole time revising.

Instead of seeing an exam as a potentially threatening event or as some sort of judgement on their ability, students should see their mock exams as a way of improving their knowledge and memory.

Also, if students have a particularly bad mock exam, better to have the shock in the mock, than the final exam. It can act as a call to action that perhaps they need to do more work, change revision strategies and develop skills needed to perform under pressure.

  1. Practising under exam conditions

Pressure can affect students. For some, it can lead to nerves, anxiety, frustration and careless mistakes, reulting in a poor performance. For others, pressure allows them to concentrate more, work harder and perform better. It takes time and practice to perform well under pressure. If the final summer exams are the first time students experience these conditions, it is not known as to how they will react.

Mock exams are an opportunity for students to figure out and practise what works best for them.

  1. Identifying topics that need attention

Doing mocks early enough in the year gives you time before the real thing to target areas that need improvement. Mock exam results can identify how best to spend the coming months for students.

Once these areas are identified, it is then a case of putting in the hours. It is not enough to think about what you need to do better, it is the action and the doing that really makes a difference.

Being comfortable and confident enough to ask someone else for help, be it a teacher, parent or carer, is a big part of having a growth mind-set. Mock exams can be used as a way of getting students to feel comfortable receiving feedback, which paves the way for further improvement and learning.


Mock exams can be very beneficial for students. Helping them to see that is part of the challenge. They can help students to start revising early, to practise effective revision strategies, to improve their knowledge, to familiarise themselves with pressure, and act as a guide moving forward.

Timetables will be issued before half-term and further details will appear here as they become  available