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Year 11 and 13 Parent/Carer – GCSE & A Level Grades March 2021

I wanted to email to update you with the current situation in terms of GCSE and A Level grades. The government and Ofqual have confirmed that schools will issue students their grades this year. These grades will be based on evidence gathered throughout the full two years of the course, including work completed remotely during the lockdown. The types of evidence included are:
  • Past papers and similar practice questions
  • NEA and coursework
  • Student work produced including internal tests and mock exams
  • Capability and performance in practical subjects
  • Records of the standard of work over the course of study.
All teachers have devised a plan for the remaining weeks of the course that allows students to demonstrate the standard of their work. In most cases this includes a series of in-class assessments or completing NEA and coursework. There is no final exam series as would normally be the case with GCSEs and A Levels, however some subjects will have an end of course assessment. The release date for the exam board information is scheduled to be Wednesday March 31st and we will put a series of “Road maps” on the school website as soon as we have interpreted this information. These “Road maps” will give details about each subject of what will be studied up until the end of the course to support the generation of Teacher Assessed Grades. We are launching a new school website over the Easter holiday and this information will be under the news and events section on the website.
We do not as of yet have a final date for Year 11 and Year 13 students finishing their studies but will keep you informed once this decision is made. The final submission date to the exam boards is Friday 18th June, although I am sure you will appreciate in order to standardise and moderate grades, we need to as a school collate this information before May half term.
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely
Mr Jamie Tickle