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Tribute to Hannah Bladon

Abbot Beyne School are shocked and saddened by the tragic death of Hannah Bladon.  Hannah left Abbot Beyne in August 2015 to follow her dreams. She had always wanted to study Theology and the University of Birmingham offered her a scholarship to do this.

Hannah was a lovely young lady – determined, hardworking and a joy to teach. She had a hunger for new learning and a desire to always step out on her own.  Her teachers remarked that it was refreshing to have such a positive, energetic and enthusiastic student in their lessons and they were delighted when Hannah volunteered to take part in the Youth in Action Project in Poland where she researched the lasting impact of the end of the Second World War on Lower Silesia. It did not surprise us that Hannah took the opportunity to widen her studies in Jerusalem and that she threw herself into the many opportunities this wonderful city had to offer.

It is however incredibly sad that her adventure should be cut short in such a way and our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Annabel Stoddart – Headteacher

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