Year 11

Topics Covered through years 10 and 11

The rest of Y11 will continue on with B3&4, C3&4 and P3&4

  • B3 – Living and Growing
  • C3 – Chemical Economics
  • P3 – Forces for Transport
  • B4 – It’s a Green World
  • C4 – The Periodic Table
  • P4 – Radiation for Life

These will have been started at the end of their Year 10 course and the controlled assessments will be ongoing.

Assessment Criteria

Those following the Triple science route will have two exams per subject. The first made up of modules 1,2,3 and worth 35% and the second made up of modules 4,5,6 and worth 40% The other 25% comes from the piece of controlled assessment.

The rest of Y11 will have four exams.

Core GSCE, with exams from modules: 1 (35%) and 2 (40%) plus a piece of controlled assessment (25%).

Additional GCSE, with exams from modules: 3 (35%) and 4 (40%) plus a piece of controlled assessment (25%).