Examination Board: AQA

Entry Requirements: Minimum Grade B GCSE in Maths and Science Double Award at AA or GCSE Triple Award at B (in physics)

Course Leader:   Mr J A Church


1  Measurements and their errors

2  Particles and radiation

3  Waves

4  Mechanics and materials

5  Electricity

6  Further mechanics and thermal physics (A-level only)

7  Fields and their consequences (A-level only)

8  Nuclear physics (A-level only)

Plus one optional unit from:

9  Astrophysics (A-level only)

10  Medical physics (A-level only)

11  Engineering physics (A-level only)

12  Turning points in physics (A-level only)

13  Electronics (A-level only)

NB  The optional unit will be decided based upon student preferences and teacher guidance but all students will study the same unit.  It is likely that the unit studied will be either 3.9, 3.10 or 3.11.

Assessment Method:

Paper 1

Sections 1 – 5 and 6.1 (Periodic motion) 34% of A Level

Paper 2

Sections 6.2  (Thermal Physics), 7 and 8 Assumed knowledge from sections 1 to 6.1 34% of A Level

Paper 3

Section A: Practical skills and data analysis Section B: Optional section 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13 32% of A Level

Students also sit 12 practical assessments that are graded separately as one practical grade- either pass or fail.