Year 13

During Year 13 students will study two more units of work. At the end of the second year students will have gained the Extended Certificate, which is equivalent to 1 A level.

Unit 1: Information Technology Systems

Students study the role of computer systems and the implications of their use in personal and professional situations.

The topics covered are:

  • Digital devices in IT systems
  • Transmitting Data
  • Operating Online
  • Protecting Data and Infromation
  • Impact of IT Systems
  • Issues


A 2 hour written exam.

Unit 6: Website Development

Learners investigate website development principles. They will design and develop a website using scripting languages.

The topics covered are:

  • Purpose and principles of website products
  • Factors affecting website performance
  • Website design
  • Common tools used to build a website eg. html, html5, css
  • Client-side scripting languages eg. Javascript
  • Website development
  • Website testing
  • Website optimisation


An assignment that is set and marked internally.