Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. What makes people tick? Why do people think and behave as they do? Students not only learn about the different explanations for why people think and behave as they do but also the different research methods used to study people and how any data collected is analysed.

Students will learn through their own reading and research as well as their own investigations. They will be expected to contribute to discussion in lessons so they can develop their own knowledge and understanding.

Psychology contributes to careers in a variety of professions where inter-personal skills and communication are needed as well as reasoning and analytical skills. These careers include health, business and marketing.

Students follow the Edexcel psychology course which introduces them to the various approaches (social, cognitive, biological and learning theories) as well as a range of research methods used to study people. In the first year topics include treating phobias, memory, aggression and obedience. In the second year students go on to study clinical and criminal psychology.

There is no coursework or controlled assessment in psychology. Students are assessed 100% by three examinations at the end of the 2 year course. Assessments involve answering short and medium answer questions as well as one essay question in each paper.