Year 9

Topics Covered

Term 1

Why did WWI start?

The long and short term causes of WWI

Did the reality of the First World War match the expectations of the soldiers?

A study of the trench warfare, conscription, conscientious objectors and remembrance.

Term 2

What was life like in Nazi Germany?

The lasting impact of WWI.(Challenges facing Europe). Especially Germany in the inter war years.

The role of the individual. A study of the Holocaust.

Is anything acceptable to win a war?

A study of the significant events during WWII – Pearl Harbour, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Term 3

What contribution did the ancient civilisations make to medicine?

Students will study the  follow topics –  Supernatural v natural remedies. The role of government and religion.  With a focus on Egypt and ancient Greece. Hippocrates.

Why were the Romans able to make advances in medicine?

Students will focus on the role of the individual and the role of the government in making changes.

Assessment Information

The students will be assessed on their Historical skills; historical interpretation, using evidence, causation and historical significance at different points during the year. Each unit has at least one formal assessment as well as on-going assessment within lessons.