Year 8

Topics Covered

Term 1

Where did Power reside in Medieval England?
Studying the impact of an invading ruler and how he changed England, the changing power of the church and the devastating consequences for Thomas Beckett. The power of the people and the Peasants Revolt. Who should rule England and the mystery of the Princes in the Tower.

What made a successful monarch?

A study of the different interpretations of the different Tudor Monarchs from Henry VII to Elizabeth I.

Term 2

How did the power of the monarchy change?

A study focusing on the causes and consequences of the English Civil War.

Did everyone benefit from the Industrial Revolution?

An in depth study of the Industrial Revolution.

Term 3

How embarrassed should we be about our past role in slavery?

An in depth study of slavery and the slave trade and its abolition.

How important was Martin Luther King in gaining Black Americans Civil Rights by 1968?

An in depth study of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

Assessment Information

The students will be assessed on their Historical skills; historical interpretation, using evidence, causation and historical significance at different points during the year. Each unit has at least one formal assessment as well as on-going assessment within lessons.