Year 12

Topics Covered

The study of fluvial systems and the management of flooding.

Energy Issues
The topic explores the geopolitics of World energy consumption.

This topic students study the threat of global sea levels rising and the resultant landforms.

The study of world demographics and local to global management issues .

Students study plant succession on the Gann saltmarsh, Pembrokeshire.

Assessment Information

Key Stage 5 – AS/A2 Geography follows the AQA specification. Students are assessed at the end of each year.

Unit 1 – Physical & Human Geography – 70% of AS, 35% of A level
Unit 2 – Geographical skills – 30% of AS, 15% of A level
Unit 3 – Contemporary Geographical issues – 30% of A level
Unit 4a – Geographical Fieldwork – 20% of A level

Other Information

Useful Kit: Ruler, compass, calculator, colouring crayons

Trips: Residential Fieldwork (off site) in Year 12