Year 11

Topics Covered

Controlled Assessment
Students will write up their findings from the fieldwork investigation.

This topic explores the impacts of exponential growth of World population.

The study of the concept globalisation and recognition of global interdependence in the 21st Century

The study of holiday destinations; the positive and negative effects on the hosts and guests.

Assessment Information

Key Stage 4 – GCSE Geography follows the AQA A specification. Students are assessed at the end of the 2 years on the following 3 units.

Unit 1 – Physical Geography – 37.5%
Unit 2 – Human Geography – 37.5%
Unit 3 – Controlled Assessment (based on Fieldwork) – 25%

Other Information

Useful Kit: Ruler, compass, calculator, colouring crayons

Trips: Fieldwork (off site) in Year 10