Geography Curriculum Intent:

  1. We empower students to learn about the social, economic, environmental, cultural and political opportunities and challenges in the modern world.  

  2. Our geographers understand the complex interactions between the human and physical environments at a range of geographical scales, using named places. 

  3. We encourage our students to empathise with a  broad range of cultures taught through people’s lived experiences. 

  4. The teaching of universal geographical values of charity, empathy, tolerance, anti-racism and the importance of their local actions.

  5. Geographical skills, decision making and practical fieldwork experiences empower geographical leadership in order to seek answers to geographical problems in Burton upon Trent and beyond.

Teachers of Geography

Mr J Stafford / Mr M Whelan / Miss Z Berrisford

Please see our KS3 and KS4 sections for a taste of what you might be studying in Geography at Abbot Beyne.