Skills of Success

Topics Covered

Skills of Success is taught to all Year 7 students. It is an innovative curriculum creating learners of the 21st Century.  It mirrors the skills based approach to learning that is very successful in our Primary Partner Schools. Students spend 40% of their week with one teacher, easing the transition from primary school allowing all students to adjust to life at secondary school.

The curriculum offers students a more holistic and coherent way of learning. Students not only acquire subject knowledge to understand, use and apply within the context of their wider learning and life but also a set of key learning skills which we call ETRICs.


Students develop their ETRICs through a series of challenging and exciting project based learning experiences which are celebrated publicly to add value to their learning experience. Students are given the opportunity to take part in a variety of learning experiences outside of the classroom at Whitemoor Lakes activity centre, Liverpool’s World Museum and at the BBC Studios in Birmingham.

The ETRICs create successful learners with high aspirations to achieve success on their academic journey at Abbot Beyne. Students learn to become confident, self-sufficient, resilient learners with a passion and enthusiasm for learning.