Year 12/13 Pearson BTEC

Year 12/13 Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Art and Design ( equivalent to 2 Alevels)

  • Vocational course working entirely on scenarios/ client briefs/ units set and marked by Pearson and school.
  • 8 units of which 6 are mandatory and 3 are external. Mandatory content (83%) External assessment (46%). Equivalent to 2 A Levels
  • Written analysis throughout
  • Three external controlled assignments, these include practical and written elements.


Units to be studied across the 2 year course:

*Unit 1. Visual Recording in Art & Design (120GLH)

*Unit 2. Contextual Influences in Art & Design (90GLH)

Unit 3. The Creative Process (90GLH)

Unit 4. Materials Techniques & Processes (90GLH)

Unit 5. Developing an Art and Design Portfolio  (90GLH)

*Unit 7. Developing and Realising Intentions (120GLH)

Unit 12. Fine Art Materials Techniques and Processes (90GLH)

Unit 14. Textile Materials Techniques & Processes (90GLH)

Units marked * are externally set and marked by Pearson


Other information

Useful equipment would be a pencil, rubber, pencil sharpener and colouring pencils. However a small set of paints, watercolour, acrylic, oil  would be beneficial to be able to create work at home.  The course is great for a portfolio of work to take to university if you wish to continue your art and design studies.