My name is Linda Bunting and I teach all French classes except from one which is taught by Mrs Timson. All students in Years 7 to 9 study French and have one session per week and years 10 and 11 have two sessions a week. The examination course currently offered is GCSE French (AQA).

We aim to help every student achieve the highest standard of which he or she is capable so that they are confident linguists in their future studies and working lives. I believe in developing communicative skills and encouraging intercultural knowledge and understanding.  I am determined to open students’ minds to different cultures and to nurture a lifelong passion for language learning.

A foreign language is not only needed for employment in business but also in other areas of employment where language competencies are needed. Multiple government agencies, the travel industry, engineering, communications, the field of education, international law, economics, public policy, publishing, advertising, entertainment, scientific research, and a broad array of service sectors all have needs for people with foreign language skills.