Year 11

Topics Covered

The Eduqas examination board is used.

Pre-20th Century Prose – Students read and explore ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens

Non-fiction – Students explore a range of modern and pre-20th Century non-fiction and media texts as well as developing the skills required to create their own

Modern Prose – We read a number of extracts taken from modern prose, exploring how a writer develops character, tension and content.

Poetry – Students read and analyse a range of poems from an anthology supplied by the exam board.

Creative writing – The skills to write narrative pieces are developed.

Shakespeare – Students read and explore Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.

Assessment Information

  1. An analysis of an extract from ‘Macbeth’ and an essay discussing the whole play. (October).
  2. Component 1 and Component 2 exam papers (December)
  3. An essay exploring an extract from ‘A Christmas Carol’ which is then linked to the wider play (February)
  4. Component 1 and Component 2 exam papers (March)