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Student Synopsis for Dodgeball week…………

Intra House Dodgeball Week – written by Amy Eccleshall

As the week of Dodgeball approached the Pyxis team were sceptical about retaining the title from the competition in 2013, but the competitive edge that our students approached their sessions with made the House and Sports Captains have full faith that their respective house teams. All houses were divided into three teams and played against all of the other houses.

On the afternoon of Monday 6th October it was the Year 9’s turn to engage in the competition. The Year 9 classes were eager to play, they were very skilful in their team tactics and the way in which there was going to be a winner! By the end of all the matches, first place was joint between Pyxis and Hercules and a play-off match was soon instigated. Team Pyxis became the victors of Year 9 through a hard fought battle against Hercules, Orion and Columba.

Tuesday 7th October saw two competitions throughout the day and first up was the Year 7’s chance to participate in their first House Sports Week. After explaining all the rules and how the students could get caught out during matches the first games were underway and the Year 7 students were really enjoying their opportunity to play Dodgeball with the rest of their year group in their newly formed House Teams. After an enjoyable competition it was Team Hercules who had the final edge and won the Year 7 competition, despite 2nd, 3rd and 4th place all being tied and a final play-off matches needed to be played.

That afternoon it was the turn of Year 8 and their chance to make an impact on the overall points score. The year group as a whole got involved and it was extremely competitive between the Houses.  The games were finished within no time. As the Year 8’s had finished their competition the teams were put altogether and an unofficial House v House competition commenced, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. After a great afternoon of Dodgeball it was Team Orion that were victorious and the overall points score was looking quite even.

On the morning of Wednesday 8th October the Year 10’s came to Evershed for their turn in the House Sports Week. The Year 10’s were optimistic about having to participate in Dodgeball matches however once they were playing there was no stopping them, the teams became very competitive as the morning went on and the games were finished with time to spare. Due to this like with the Year 8 competition House v House was played. By the end of the girls Pyxis v Orion, Pyxis put on a one girl show with a great effort from Lyra Ordinario! At the end of the morning the official winners of the Year 10 Dodgeball competition were Team Orion.

The last competition of this year’s Intra-House Dodgeball competition saw the Year 11, 12 and 13 combine on the afternoon of Friday 10th October with one last attempt to change the overall points score. The Houses were split into girls and boys, the girls played in the hall whilst the boys moved up to the gym to commence their matches. The afternoon was extremely competitive with all the year groups working together to perform to the best of their ability to try to win the afternoon of Dodgeball! With the Pyxis girls winning 5 out of 6 matches and the Pyxis boys winning 7 out of 8 matches, it was Team Pyxis who became victorious with the older school students.

At the end of the Intra-House Dodgeball competition it had been thoroughly enjoyed by staff, students and Captains alike! After all the matches had been played and all the points added up the overall victors of the 2014 competition were TEAM PYXIS! Pyxis have managed to retain their title of Dodgeball champions for two years running.

The overall points for the competition were:

1st – Pyxis – 600 points

2nd – Orion – 580 points

3rd – Hercules – 420 points

4th – Columba – 380 points

Written by Amy Eccleshall – Pyxis Sports Captain