Exam Results

GCSE Results

2018 Results awaiting confirmation

Once again, we are very pleased with our GCSE results this year with progress putting us 7th out of 55 similar schools nationally and Progress 8 being in the second quintile nationally (above average).


Abbot Beyne GCSE 2017 Exam results
Progress 8 +0.27
Attainment 8 43.1
% of students with a good pass in English and mathematics (4+ & 5+) 4+ 52%

5+ 35%

% of students achieving the EBacc 5%
Student Destinations NEETS 3%


 A Level Results

Year 13 have, again, been able to continue their studies at University or choose from Employment or an Apprenticeship. In the last few years our A Level performance has proved very strong in comparison to other Staffordshire Schools and we are confident that this will continue into the future.


Abbot Beyne A Level 2017 Exam results
APS per entry 35.9 (average grade = B-)
Student Progress  post 16 -0.02
Progress students have made in English and maths Maths +0.83 vs (-0.21 nationally)
English suppressed (one student)
Student retention 100%
Student destinations 91% compared to 89% nationally.