Exam Results 2016

GCSE Results

Abbot Beyne are celebrating another set of excellent GCSE results in 2016.  Progress 8 was strong at 0.14, proving that good progress was made by students at Abbot Beyne compared with similar students nationally.  57% of Year 11 gained A*-C in English and maths.  Attainment 8 was 47.25.  The E-Baccalaureate was achieved by 5% of our students, limited by a small languages take-up by this cohort.  NEETS were at national average (2% of students).

The highest achieving boy was:

Hamza Ikhlaq with 9A* GCSEs  and an A grade at A Level maths

 The highest achieving girl was:

Briony Aisthorpe with 5A*s and4 As at GCSE

 A Level Results

We achieved our best ever set of A Level results this year.  Year 13 have, again, been able to continue their studies at University or choose from Employment or an Apprenticeship.  One hundred percent of our University applicants obtained their place without the use of UCAS’s clearing service.  In the last few years our A Level performance has proved very strong in comparison to other Staffordshire Schools and we are confident that this will continue into the future.

APS per entry was 29.51 (average grade = C)

Progress from starting points was a fantastic 0.22 for A Level (in the top 16% nationally).
The average grade obtained at A Level was C.
Destinations (Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study) were positive at 90% compared to 88% nationally.
Retention in the sixth form was 88.4 compared to 94.1 nationally.
For the very few students who resat English or maths, progress was -0.21 and -0.23 (national figures were -0.1 and -0.13).

The highest achieving boy was:

Justin Milican with an A* in maths and A grades in Further maths, Physics and Chemistry.  Justin is now reading mathematics at the University of Nottingham.

 The highest achieving girl was:

Lauren Starmer with A*s in English Language, Literature and History and an A in her Extended Project.  Lauren is now reading Law at Warwick University.