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Our Day Out – Perfomance

It was difficult to see how “Our Day Out” could top last year’s Bugsy Malone, but it has!

Willy Russell and Mrs Millar have taken a show that was always very, very good and turned it into something utterly glorious, with a team of young actors who have raised their game magnificently. Fine performances from Rhys Jones as old disciplinarian Briggs and Jasmine Norris as kind-hearted Mrs Kay, whose Progress Class is about to embark on its annual school trip.

Following unscheduled stops along the way at the services and a local zoo which lost most of its animals from pet corner including, chickens, a baby goat, a full grown sheep and a llama, Briggs obviously had his work cut out. But as the day progresses even Briggs shows a chink in the armour for a short while, albeit with the assistance of Mrs Kay’s time out cups of coffee.

However, what drives the show is the enthusiasm, energy and outright talent of our students. A huge congratulations to all that have been involved from actors, back stage crew, musicians and staff. A truly inspirational team effort.

Mrs Winfield – Director of Learning -Performance

For photographs of our performance, please click here