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MASKS in school

REMINDER - you must bring your own mask to school to wear whilst in the corridors and in communal areas. Remember, it is your responsibilty to ensure you have your mask before leaving the house for school.  All staff are abiding to the guidelines, even the Headteacher....  

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PE KIT expected in Abbot Beyne

The weather is beginning to turn colder, all students should be in appropriate and correct PE Kit for there PE day. If you are unsure of our expectations, please see below; Uniform Policy

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Communication in school

Please be reminded that the majority of our communication will be sent through email and text. Please can you ensure that the school has an up to date contact number and a valid email address on our files, so as you can be kept informed of all necessary school information. Thank …

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Year 12 Information Evening

Year 12 Information Evening - Tuesday 29th September 2020 We are delighted to welcome your son or daughter  into the Sixth Form at Abbot Beyne and hope that they are settling in well. In order to keep you informed about the subjects they are studying and the opportunities available, Mrs Timson and Mrs …

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Year 7 Virtual iPad Evening

I am delighted to invite you to our Y7 virtual iPad evening on Thursday 24th September at 6pm. This short meeting of approximately 30 minutes will explain how the iPads can support and extend your child’s learning experience at Abbot Beyne.  There will be a link to a Zoom Meeting …

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Isolation instructions for COVID testing

Covid testing... If anybody in your household has a positive test for Covid-19, then students from that household must remain at home in isolation for 14 days from the date tested. Everybody STAY SAFE

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Covid-19 Symptons

PLEASE BE AWARE Covid-19 symptoms of a, new persistent cough, temperature, (meaning you feel hot to touch on your chest or back, you do not need to measure your temperature), loss of taste and smell, it is advised that you organise to get tested....Be SAFE

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Attendance is key

Attendance to school is vital for your child's education and it is imperative that they attend school full time. We do recognise your concerns, however, staff at Abbot Beyne will and are doing everything they can to keep your child safe. If you do have any questions regarding your childs return …

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Face coverings whilst on school premises

Face Masks We have made the following decisions on the use of face masks when the school is open to students: Students will be expected to wear face masks when they enter the site, until they enter their classroom. Students will be expected to wear face masks when they leave their …

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Mental Health Support in Schools over Summer


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