The Seneca learning platform is used by staff over a range of subjects.  Students create their own logins and then join a teachers class from a given classcode.  Teachers are able to create assignments during lessons or (as is the case for many subjects) homework tasks.
Year 11 students should now be preparing for their GCSE examaniations.
Seneca can help the students gain knowledge and understanding when working independently giving them guidance and support whilst revising for their exams.
A level students can use this site for consolidation and revision purposes.
Students can log in using their school email and the password they  have created in school.
Please use the link below to access the Seneca web page


Information Guidance

Parents can now create accounts to engage in their child’s learning. Our parent accounts also make parent-teacher communication much easier as students’ data is shared with parents automatically.

Here’s a suggested approach for engaging parents: