Post Results Procedure

The examination boards have put into place procedures called “Enquiries about Results” and “Access to Scripts”.

If you wish to make an appeal about an exam result you must discuss it first with your Subject Teacher and Pastoral Tutor, and then see Mrs Eccleshall.

Enquiries about Results (EAR)

This is a service that can be used to check your examination grade with the board if your grade is significantly lower than you expected.  There are different levels of service, costing varying amounts.  Note that your grade/mark can go down as well as up!

  • Service 1: Clerical Re-check

A re-check of all clerical procedures.  This service does not re-mark a script, but simply checks all aspects of administration relating to the script (adding up of marks etc.).  Marks may go up, down or stay the same.

  • Service 2: Re-mark

A script may be re-marked.  Marks may go up, down or stay the same.

  • PRIORITY Service 2: Re-Mark (Y13 GCE only)

This is an urgent application for a re-mark that will be looked at immediately.  This service may only be used if your place at University depends on the result in question.

Remember – if you ask for a re-mark of a written paper your marks can go down as well as up.  The service costs between £35 and £50 depending on the Awarding Body, which you will be charged for if your teacher does not support your application for a remark. If your grade is changed then the charge is waived by the Awarding Body, but not if any mark change does not result in the overall grade being altered.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

These are services to receive back one of your examination scripts or a photocopy of it.  If you ask for your original script back, you will obviously be unable to challenge any point on the script with the examination board as the script has not remained confidential.

  • PRIORITY Service: Requesting PHOTOCOPIED Scripts (GCE only)

This PRIORITY service is faster but more expensive.  It should only be used in order to decide whether or not it is worth applying for a re-mark. It cannot be used when considering a Priority re-mark

  • Requesting ORIGINAL Scripts

This service cannot be used when deciding whether or not to apply for a re-mark.

If you wish to make use of any of these services, you must see Mrs Eccleshall, in person, as soon as possible. An application will only be accepted by the Awarding Body if it has been made by the school and signed by the candidate requesting it.


  1. Priority service 2 – Remark (for Y13 GCE only) – Friday 25th August 2017
  2. Request for photocopied script (GCE only) – Friday 25th August 2017
  3. Service 1 (Clerical check) and service 2 (non-priority remark) – Wednesday 20th September 2017.
  4. Request for original script – Wednesday 4th October 2017.