Thursday 23rd  March 2017

Entries for the June examinations have now been made and Statements of Entry were issued to students before half-term. If you have not yet returned yours then please ensure that you do so in the next few days. It is imperative that these are checked carefully, exam details and personal details, before being signed and returned to Mrs Eccleshall. Any mistakes need to be corrected immediately to avoid unnecessary costs. If you have returned the Statement of Entry then you should have received your timetable. If not, please collect it from Mrs Eccleshall.

The summer written exams start on Monday 15th May but  practical assessments will start taking place during the next few weeks. The practical assessments are just as important as written papers and you should ensure that you are on time for them. The last GCSE exam is timetabled for Wednesday 21st JUNE and the last GCE exam is on Thursday 29th JUNE. The dates/times of all external written exams have now been uploaded to the website. There are 3 links – one for Y10/11 (KS4), and one each for Y12 and Y13. Details for Practical assessments will be added as the dates are confirmed to the Dates this Month page.

Please remember you MUST hand in mobile phones, i-pods and any other electronic devices which can store data (this includes WATCHES) at the start of ALL EXAMS, regardless of the type of exam.  These will be returned to students at the end of the examination. It is a regulation of the Examination Boards that students must not be in possession of such items in an examination room.

May I also remind students of the need to be on time for exams. It is disruptive to other candidates in the examination room if you arrive late. There is also the possibility that the examination board may not accept your paper for marking.