November 26th 2020


The Year 11 Mock GCSE exams timetabled for Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th November have been postponed and will now take place on Monday 30th November and Tuesday 1st December. Students who missed exams on Friday 13th November will sit those papers on Wednesday 2nd December English Literature p2 and Pool A subjects during p3)

Year 13  students have Mock GCE exams from Wednesday 25th November until Friday 4th December.

All exams are now on the ‘dates’ page.

Students should bring their own stationery equipment, including calculators. Please check your seat number ahead of each exam. It is shown on your personalised timetable and there are lists up on the boards opposite Mrs Davies’ office, the English office and L9. We need to be able to start promptly to avoid running into breaks, lunchtimes and after school unnecessarily. Please line up quietly outside exam rooms and remember that there should be no talking once you are inside the exam room.