Wednesday 21st March

From now until the end of June there are exams of some sort every week. Please keep an eye on the Dates This Month tab and the calendar.

Under the documents tab there is a lot of important information relating to exams, including an Examinations Handbook and information relating to the Internal Appeals process. Please read all the information relating to exams carefully.

Students  have now been issued with their Timetables for the May/June season of exams. Replacement timetables can be obtained from Mrs Eccleshall or Linnell Office. If you have a clash of exams, i.e. 2 exams timetabled for the same time, these will have been resolved when you receive your timetables which have the seating arrangementson them, after Easter. If you have a clash you will need to remain under supervision between papers and cannot leave the building or have access to a phone until the second exam has been completed.

The timetables only carry details of formal written examinations. Pupils will be informed of dates for Art, ICT, MFL and  BTEC  assessments nearer the time. These dates are also on the calendar. These will start the first week back after the holiday.

May I remind students that they must hand in their mobile phones/i-pods, i-watches etc to an invigilator at the start of ALL exams, regardless of the type of exam.  These will be returned to students at the end of the examination. It is a regulation of the Examination Boards that students must not be in possession of such items in an examination room. Internal examinations take place under the same conditions as external ones so that everyone is familiar with the procedures.

Good luck to you all and if there are any problems please see Mrs Eccleshall