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Deep Learning Day

The Performance Faculty had a very productive Deep Learning Day with the Year 9 students creating artwork for the House murals.  Every student took part in creating various performance based activities including printing, ink dropping and even creating the star constellations out of bodies!  Students displayed a great sense of teamwork and participation in the day and the staff involved were impressed with the positive way the students approached each activity.  Feedback from the students showed that they also enjoyed the day.

The day was very enjoyable and my team Pyxis worked very well together as a group.  I found it was a very good way to get to know other students that are in my House.”  Year 9 student.

“The day overall was great!  I am excited about seeing our House Mural on display at Evershed.” Year 9 student.

The work generated from the day will now be collated together to create four distinctive, circular murals for Orion, Hercules, Pyxis and Columba, displaying their house colours, and will be revealed at Evershed in the near future.

DLD, JB activity DLD, LD activity DLD, SPR activity